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Michael Vick: Eagles Are All In, For Better Or Worse

By now you know that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed quarterback Michael Vick to a six-year, $100-million dollar contract. Was this a good idea or a bad one for the Eagles?

Bleeding Green Nation had this to say:

The move means the Eagles are truly all in on Vick as their QB going forward. Not only did they trade Kevin Kolb, who would have been their safety net as a QB of the future, but now with this deal they've locked themselves in financially to #7. There's certainly a chance that there is some funny money backloaded at the end of the deal to inflate the final number a bit, but with $40 million in guarantees, the team is clearly locked into Vick for the long term and vice versa.

The Eagles have guaranteed Vick $40 million. Really, this is what the Eagles had to do. They hitched their wagon to Vick as their franchise guy after his unbelievable 2010 season.

Question is, do you really believe Vick will be able to keep playing like he did last season for six more years? Unlikely, and I think everybody has to realize that. What makes him special are his legs, and with the pounding he takes you never know when a career-changing injury is coming for Vick, now 31.

Getting Vick's name on a long-term deal makes this a good day for the Eagles. I just wonder how happy they will be about it a few seasons down the road.