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Jets 17, Giants 3: Snoopy Bowl, Indeed

Call the New York Giants vs. New York Jets preseason game the 'Snoopy Bowl' if you like, since it is held at the newly-named MetLife Stadium. The Giants certainly held up their end of that moniker Monday night as they -- for the most part -- were awful in a 17-3 loss.

Let's see:

  • Pitiful special teams play? Check. In fact, check, check and triple check. By the way, is the Jerrel Jernigan punt return experiment over yet?
  • Interceptions by Eli Manning? Check. Two of 'em, one on awful throw and one on a Pop Warner quarterback decision to throw into double coverage when the pass had zero chance.
  • Immaturity? Check. Courtesy of a veteran from whom you would expect it in Brandon Jacobs, and one from whom you would not in Deon Grant. Both with costly personal foul penalties. Both should know better.
  • Offensive inconsistency? Check. A total of 4-for-16 converting third and fourth downs. No touchdowns. Potential big plays missed. Not pretty. Not close.

The Giants will spin this one with lots of 'we're close' kind of talk. In fact, Manning tried that while talking with sideline reporter Bruce Beck. Truth is, though, right now it feels like a lot of the progress the Giants made last Monday in routing the Chicago Bears was undone Monday night against the Jets.

Not good.