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Big Blue View, TiqIQ Partner To Help You Find Event Tickets

Hurricane Irene will be a memory by Monday night and people all along the East Coast will be getting back to the routines of their daily lives. For New York Giants fans that will include watching -- or attending -- the re-scheduled preseason game at MetLife Stadium against the New York Jets.

If you feel like rewarding yourself and hopping over to the game after being pummeled by Irene this weekend, Big Blue View is here to offer you a little assistance. You may have noticed the new Tickets tab in the navigation bar at the top of the home page. SB Nation websites, including Big Blue View, have partnered with TiqIQ to help you find tickets to sporting events involving your favorite teams. Here at BBV, of course, that means the Giants.

Click on the aforementioned Tickets tab and you will be taken to a page listing available tickets and prices aggregated from a variety of ticket vendors. You can see stadium maps and click the 'Buy' button to purchase your tickets right from our page.

Prices for tickets to Monday night's game have fallen 40% over the course of the past few weeks, and about 21% in the last week. Hurricane Irene is, undoubtedly, responsible for that.

Full disclosure: I do get a small portion of the cut for any ticket sold via the Big Blue View Tickets page.

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