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Steve Smith Practices With Eagles

Former New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith practiced today with the Philadelphia Eagles for the first time. Yes, that is several weeks ahead of when the Giants thought Smith would be ready following his micro-fracture knee surgery.

If Smith is indeed ready to play Week 1 as he had said he thought he would be when he signed with the Eagles, that would be a kick in the teeth for the Giants.

The timetable for Smith's return, of course, was likely the reason the Giants had not signed Smith before the Eagles swooped in with an offer for $2 million guaranteed for this season, more than the Giants had been willing to offer. The Giants did not believe Smith would be ready to contribute in the early portion of the season.

It remains to be seen if Smith will actually be ready for Week 1, as he promised. If he is, though, there isn't much doubt that would make the Giants look bad here.