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New York Giants Notes: Antrel Rolle To Handle Slot ... For Now

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is a little reading material for your consumption before you head off to make your final hurricane preparations.

The rash of injuries the Giants have suffered at cornerback means that safety Antrel Rolle will move to cornerback in nickel and dime defensive packages, handling the slot receiver.

"I don't know what to expect for the rest of the season, but as for right now, that's the plan, to have me line up at the nickel position," he said. "I have no problem doing that. It's something I've been doing pretty much my entire career. It's just a matter of being on the same page at the same time with my teammates."

This will be different from the three-safety look the Giants employed last season. In that scheme, they moved a safety -- usually Rolle or Deon Grant -- into a linebacker spot and still had three coverage cornerbacks on the field. In this case, Rolle will be one of the cornerbacks, most likely covering the slot receiver. That would leave starters Corey Webster and Aaron Ross on the outside.

Rolle said he plans to shed about six pounds to be lighter and quicker so he can cover receivers one-on-one. But he said he's comfortable with the switch. He'll likely still be the starting safety in the base packages, but when opponents use three receivers, Rolle will come down in coverage.

"If they play nickel, then I'll be there," Rolle said. "I'm in great shape. I feel like I can take the field all day. I'm in good enough shape to play six quarters. It doesn't matter what it takes as long as we get the job done."

Rolle, of course, came into the NFL as a cornerback before the Arizona Cardinals moved him to safety. How long this alignment lasts likely depends on a couple of things -- how well Rolle does in the slot, and how quickly veteran Brian Williams learns the defense.

Scouts Inc. ranks Justin Tuck as the best Giant, and the best defensive end in the NFL. You might also be surprised to note that Eli Manning ranked as the division's best quarterback, and eighth-best in the league. Tony Romo was No. 9 and Michael Vick No. 10.

Veteran cornerback Lito Sheppard, who worked out with the Giants on Wednesday, has signed with the Oakland Raiders.