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Giants Vs. Jets: Five Things To Watch

[Note by Ed Valentine, 08/29/11 2:23 PM EDT: Rather than re-write this post, or put up something with a slight twist, I am just bringing back the 'Five Things to Watch' post that originally ran Saturday. If you haven't read it, or commented, have at it. ]

Maybe you have heard that the New York Giants opponent in Monday's third preseason game will be the New York Jets. Here are five key things to watch from a Giants' perspective as the Sept. 11 season-opener against the Washington Redskins draws closer.

1. The TE Situation -- What the Giants are going to do here seems anything but settled. Whether they need outside help should be much clearer after Saturday.

2. The Third Running Back -- D.J. Ware scored a touchdown Monday against Chicago, but it still seems like his roster spot in in jeopardy. Da'Rel Scott's 97-yard touchdown burst probably earned him some carries Saturday, and Andre Brown has been impressive in practice though not yet in the games.

3. Special Teams -- The competition between Matt Dodge and Steve Weatherford for the punting job is one thing to watch. Another is whether or not Devin Thomas can continue returning the ball so impressively. The Giants are still waiting for third-round pick Jerrel Jernigan to get more comfortable returning punts.

4. The Linebackers -- There is still intense competition for roster spots behind Mathias Kiwanuka, Jonathan Goff and Michael Boley. Let's see if that situation clarifies itself after Saturday.

5. The Secondary -- How will Aaron Ross play? How will the Giants line up with Terrell Thomas out when it comes to nickel and dime defensive packages? It will be interesting to find out.