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It's Plaxico Burress Week ... Err, Giants Vs. Jets

Well, we have arrived at what we will call the Plaxico Burress portion of the New York Giants preseason. The Giants play the New York Jets this Saturday, which means there will be a zillion Burress questions and stories written this week.

Let's get this one out of the way. Yes, it will be weird seeing Burress line up on the other side of the field for the Jets. You know. I know it. The Giants know it.

"It is pretty weird. Just watching the highlights is pretty weird," said Justin Tuck. "Going up against him, we are all competitors and I'm sure he is going to try to make a splash just like we are going to try to make a splash. It will be fun."

The almost-always unflappable Eli Manning is taking it in stride.

"I don't think it will be weird. You play in this league long enough, you're going to play against some [former] teammates. He was a great teammate for the Giants. We had a great run together. Things happen and he's with the Jets now and playing well. I'm happy for him and look forward to getting to see him," Manning said. "I haven't seen him in a long time so looking forward to seeing him before the game or after the game on Saturday."

This week is like old times in another way. Burress is hurt again, having tweaked his back in practice and his status for Saturday might be uncertain. Geez, two injuries, one preseason game, more time missing practice than actually practicing. Sounds familiar.