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How Much Does The Preseason Game Against The New York Jets Mean To You?

Our friends at SB Nation's New York Jets website, Gang Green Nation, are asking Jets fans how much Saturday's preseason game against the New York Giants means to them. So, in the spirit of the moment, let me turn the tables, Giants fans. How much does Saturday's game against the Jets mean to you?

I know all about the whole 'bragging rights' thing. I know all about how the Giants call MetLife Stadium 'Giants Stadium' and the Jets call it 'Jets Stadium.' I know all about some of the shots Jets coach Rex Ryan has taken at the Giants, and how the Giants have basically responded by saying 'come talk to us when you have a ring.'

You know what I think of all that? At least when it comes to Saturday night? I could really care less. As for who wins the game, I really don't care about that either. Remember the teams play in a regular-season game on Christmas Eve. That is a game that will really be worth caring about.

As for Saturday, first and foremost Giants fans should be praying not for a victory, but for a game that does not include any more devastating injuries. The Giants have had enough of those for a while.

Look for continued improvement from the Giants offense. Check out how the cornerbacks, tights ends and fullbacks perform. See which of the young linebackers continues to make strides toward earning spots on the 53-man roster. See if Devin Thomas can continue impressing, and if Monday's solid special teams work was more than a mirage.

As for the outcome and the rivalry, I don't care one way or the other about Saturday night. How about you?