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Justin Tuck, Post-Game, 08.22.11

Re: Terrell Thomas.

You never want to see that happen, especially to a guy who [means that] to you on and off the football field.

Q: Did you see how he got hurt?

A: I didn't. I didn't actually see the play.

Q: Did you speak to Terrell Thomas?

A: I haven't had the opportunity to speak to him yet, other than just being in the locker room and seeing his face and just kind of patting him on his shoulders at the time. I let him have a little quiet time to himself. I'll probably give him a call tomorrow.

Q: Why is this such a big blow to the defense?

A: I think it's obvious. Him being pretty much emerging himself as one of the elite corners in this league. A young kid, that you can just tell his confidence level was tremendous coming into camp. Probably our number one corner. He's going to be missed because you don't just replace a guy like that as far as his instincts, as far as his athletic ability, as far as his knowledge of how we play the game. You can just tell, this season he was just on another level as far as that is concerned. Hopefully he can have a speedy recovery and just wish him well in that aspect.