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Osi Umenyiora 'Fed Up With Contract Talk'

I really did not want to read a New York Giants story that annoyed me a couple of hours before kickoff of Monday's night's preseason game against the Chicago Bears. But, Osi Umenyiora is talking again, so that's what I ended up with.

Jeff Roberts of the Bergen Record (rapidly becoming one of my new favorite beat writers) has the details of Umenyiora talking to ESPN's Mike Tirico.

I just love Osi saying he is "fed up with the contract talk." Talk that he started and hasn't let go for years.

Umenyiora also said "I am committed to playing for the Giants for the rest of the season. Returning to [the] field for three practices last week was a reminder of what I enjoy and love to do."

Last I checked Umenyiora does not have a choice. Once he heals from his knee surgery he will still be a member of the Giants, so if he wants to play he will do so for the Giants.

Until then I really don't want to hear him talking any more.