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Spotlight On Will Beatty

I did not bring it up in my 'What To Look For' post, but one of the intriguing matchups to pay attention to Monday night is New York Giants left tackle Will Beatty against Chicago Bears premier defensive end Julius Peppers.

Beatty, of course, is the third-year player who has been given the left tackle spot. It will be his job to neutralize players like Peppers to keep Eli Manning upright.

Beatty has had to work every day against Jason Pierre-Paul, and for a few days during camp against Osi Umenyiora. So, it's not like he isn't used to dealing with top-flight competition.

Beatty said he felt like he "did pretty good" in the preseason opener against Carolina, not allowing any hits on quarterback Eli Manning. Playing against Peppers, a three-time All-Pro who had eight sacks last season and has 89 overall in a nine-year career, is a different story.

The 2009 second-round pick from Connecticut has to be able to handle players like Peppers. Monday night should provide a good indication of where Beatty is in his development.