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New York Giants Notes: Rich Seubert, David Carr, Travis Beckum And More

Here are some New York Giants notes for you on this Saturday morning, the final day of the training camp portion of the 2011 season. That also means last chance for the public to watch practice, so get to the Timex Performance Center for 1:30 if you want to take in a practice.

Seubert expects to return to football in two months

Despite having already returned to football after a difficult leg injury in 2003, Seubert said he cannot just give up.

"It’s just me. I can’t just walk away from [it]. I can’t let this say I’m done," he said. "If this wants to say I’m done, fine, but I’m going to give it everything I have to prove this ain’t going to end it. We’ll see."

Seubert added that he is a "Giant for life." He is rehabbing in Waldwick and Oakland.

Seubert was at the Timex Performance Center to pick up an award from another fan website whose name shall not be mentioned.

Tynes might miss Bears with sore thigh - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Tynes told reporters he is not concerned about the presence of Rhys Lloyd on the roster.

"I think that they just signed a kicker to play Monday night, that's all I think," Tynes said. "I'm not worried. I think I've performed pretty well here."

Snee erasing 'foolish' ink -

"I've never really cared for it," he said. "Now that I'm a father of three and bring my kids to the local pool, I don't want kids being scared and looking at the tattoo. It has no meaning to me. It's just not me. It was time. I knew if I waited any longer I'd be 40 and it would still be there."

Speaking as 29-year-old father of three young boys, Snee said, "I'm going to stay away from the tats and tell my kids they're not getting any either. My parents, they would be there for advice, but they would never tell us, they would let us figure things out for ourselves. My wife and I are a little sterner, a little more aggressive with that."

Lions defensive coordinator: Nnamdi Asomugha is one-trick pony | Detroit Free Press |

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, this year's top free agent, recently signed a five-year, $60-million contract with Philadelphia. Not bad for a guy who doesn't tackle, according to Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham.

On Wednesday, Cunningham explained how small cornerbacks get away with rough play on big receivers like Calvin Johnson. When someone suggested the corners need to get bigger, Cunningham cited Asomugha, who is 6-feet-2, 210 pounds.

"The problem is the way the rules are the 6-2 guys can't play," Cunningham said. "You've got one guy in the league, Nnamdi, and all he does is press. You ever see him make a tackle? He presses the wide receiver, and he's great at it. But there's more to playing DB than just pressing wide receivers."

Cunningham can talk all he wants. Detroit doesn't have to face Asomugha twice this season.

David Carr on familiar turf with Giants, in battle to resume old role |
Former backup QB must outplay Sage Rosenfels to earn spot on roster.

Travis Beckum was asked Friday about being yelled at by Kevin Gilbride during practice earlier in the week.

"I messed up a play and obviously with him being the offensive coordinator it is his job to be upset about it. I actually talked to him about it and it was just a miss communication and that's all it was," Beckum said.

Beckum also said he expects to be "moving around" when he is on the field.

"The thing about the NFL is that you pay these guys X amount of dollars to do what they excel at. That is just stating the obvious and I think I read what coach [NIke] Pope said. If anybody has any kind of smarts, why would you want to put a 235-pound tight end against a 290-pound defensive end for the whole game? That is just common sense," Beckum said. "There are plays that they will put you position to do it, yes but as far as every down... Kevin [Boss] was 270 pounds and that's a big difference. I am definitely willing to do it but I think the coaches are just going to put me in the best position to have success and maybe that is just moving around."

Varying reports about veteran defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy. Some folks saying he has already signed with the Giants, others saying he has not signed yet but will do so within the next few days. Either way, seems like another veteran defensive tackle added to the mix by GM Jerry Reese.