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Osi Umenyiora Trade Rumors: John Carlson And A Draft Pick?

If the New York Giants lose free-agent tight end Kevin Boss to the Oakland Raiders, which is currently seen as a possibility with the Raiders having lost Zach Miller to Seattle, ESPN's John Clayton has tossed out a potential trade idea that might appeal to both the Giants and the Seahawks.

Clayton's idea? Umenyiora to Seattle for Seahawks tight end John Carlson and a draft pick. Carlson, a three-year veteran, is now expandable since the Seahawks just signed Miller.

Carlson, a 2008 second-round pick, has 137 catches in his three seasons, 13 for touchdowns. He does not appear to be much of a blocker, if you can judge by his Pro Football Focus numbers -- well into the negatives in blocking each season of his career.

Carlson sounds like he could replace Boss as a receiver, but the blocking numbers bug me.

Your thoughts?

-- 'Kudos' to SB Nation Seattle for the heads-up on this one.