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Who Are The Giants Best Fantasy Football Options?

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The Big Blue View Fantasy Football League on Yahoo! Sports is full, and as a virtual novice at this fantasy football stuff (yes, believe it or not I've played lots of fantasy baseball, but stayed away from football) I am ready to get my backside kicked all season by the other nine league participants.

If you guys have tips for me (and if you are playing in the BBV league don't mess with my mind -- I know who you are) I am all ears.

Which Giants players will have the biggest fantasy impact in 2011? If I had to guess right now I'd say the Giant everyone would love to have on their fantasy roster would be wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. Mario Manningham, too.

Ahmad Bradshaw has to be an excellent running back option, and I know Brandon Jacobs scored enough touchdowns last season to make him a viable fantasy player.

What about Eli Manning as a fantasy quarterback. I know his yardage and TD numbers are good. Would you guys snap him up or stay away from him on your fantasy teams?

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