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New York Giants Notes: Osi Umenyiora, Chad Jones And An Off Day

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's get right to some morning notes about the Giants.

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News tweeted Monday night that five teams have thus far expressed "some level of interest" in trading for Umenyiora. The teams RV mentioned are the Rams, Seahawks, Broncos, Ravens and Chargers.RV also indicated that none of those teams appears willing to meet the Giants' asking price of a first-round draft pick.

One former NFL executive told me he doubts the Giants can get a first-round pick for Umenyiora, and that his contract demands will keep teams away.

Players Are Off Today

After all of three practices, the players have an off day today per the rules of the new CBA. Let's just say Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is not exactly thrilled about it.

"You know what I said to the guys this morning? You guys have been here for a tremendous number of days, like three, and you are going to have a day off. I don't think it has ever been done in the history of football," Coughlin said. "They have the training room, obviously. That is mandatory. They can come in and if they do, it is voluntary."

Voluntary or not, sounds like Coughlin would like to see some players at the Timex today.

Chad Jones Update

The 2010 third-round draft pick, aiming for a 2012 comeback after a serious car crash nearly cost him his leg a year ago, visited the team Monday night and watched practice. He said he is "about 70 percent" as an athlete.

"I've been doing everything, full body weights, squats. I put up 250 pounds on my back already. I just started doing some explosive 10 yard sprints. It's going good. Just time will tell. As far as my leg will take me, I'm going to keep pushing," Jones said. "I still see myself as a New York Giants football player. I'm out here. It's nothing but motivation seeing all these guys out here running around.

"Training camp next summer I should be a full participant. I don't see that my body will have any restrictions from being a full time NFL player."