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Record-Setting Day For Big Blue View

Forget the bad news today about Osi Umenyiora and all of your other worries about the New York Giants. Today is a historic day for Big Blue View. Earlier today Big Blue View passed the one million page view mark for the month of August -- the first time in our 41/2-year history we have hit that mark. Amazing, because there are still nearly two weeks to go.

Just wanted to toss that out there today. I'm proud of it, sure, but I am not bringing it to your attention to toot my own horn. I want to thank you guys for coming around here every day, sometimes several times a day. You guys have challenged me to get better, to learn more, to dig deeper to come up with interesting things for you to read -- and that has made this site better.

You guys know how I am and what type of community I want this to be, and I want to thank you guys for trying -- even when I know you don't want to -- to keep the site within the boundaries of decency and friendliness you know I've tried to establish.

Anyway, thanks gang. As long as I'm doing this I hope you guys continue to make this your primary stop for Giants news and discussion.