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Giants' GM Jerry Reese Says He Did Not 'Guarantee' Playoffs

So now New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese is saying he did not "guarantee" that the team would make the playoffs in 2011.

"First of all, I never said guarantee and I never said promise, that’s the way they spin it in this neighborhood," Reese told Kay. "I was giving our team a vote of confidence that I have in them. I said, last year if we had made some plays down the stretch here and there we would have been in the playoffs and this time we’ll make the plays. We will get in the playoffs. We’ll make a run. I’m giving my team a vote of confidence. I never said promise, I never said guarantee, but when you read the paper, Jerry Reese said guarantee, so that’s what you get around here."

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. This was fun when you were sticking your neck out. It is not as much fun now that you're playing the 'blame the media for twisting my words' game when you seem to have realized that maybe you got a little carried away and said more than you should.

I don't know. "We will get in the playoffs. We’ll make a run." That sure reads like a guarantee to me.