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Giants Preseason Game 1, Review: Three Good Numbers, Three Bad Numbers

Let's try a little something different in reviewing Saturday's 20-10 preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers by the New York Giants. We have done our recap, and our traditonal 'Kudos & Wet Willies. Let's try a 'three good numbers, three bad numbers' and see where it goes. Hey, its preseason for me, too.

Three Good Numbers

0: That's the number of turnovers the Giants offense had Saturday night. They did not do a whole lot of good things, but after leading the league with 42 turnovers a year ago this was welcome.

39.4: Despite a couple of returns that were longer than you would like, that was the Giants' net punting average. Last season that would have put them in the top five teams in the league in that category.

4: The number of sacks generated by the Giants' pass rush. Two of those came from 2010 first-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul. Osi Who?

Three Bad Numbers

3.2: That was the Giants' rushing average. They had just 81 yards on 25 running plays. That should improve as the communication amongst the revamped offensive line improves.

36: The number of passing yards Eli Manning accumulated in nine throws.

3: The number of points generated by the offense. Ugh!