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Steve Smith Still Disputing Giants' Version Of Events

Steve Smith might be a Philadelphia Eagle, but he still apparently has not moved on from the New York Giants. Smith has again taken to his Facebook page to dispute the reports that the Giants had offered him a five-year, $35-million before he got hurt.

"For those of you saying the giants offered me a 5 yr $35 million contract w/$15 million guaranteed before i got hurt- thats news to me bc if that happened i would have signed it and done back flips on my way to practice !!"

My advice to Steve is similar to what I would say to you guys. Let it go already. Smith is an Eagle, and he really isn't doing himself any favors by continuing to use his Facebook page -- where he has been getting destroyed, in some cases rather grotesquely -- to try and win support from Giants fans, or at least explain himself.

Giants fans need to move on and focus on rooting for the players in Giants uniforms. Smith needs to quit worrying about the Giants and the reaction of Giants fans. He chose to go wear Eagles colors, so he needs to live with that and stop trying to explain himself.