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NFL Free Agency 2011: Is There Anyone Left?

Is there anybody left on the free-agent market you would like the New York Giants to bring in? We know many of you have been gnashing your teeth looking for the Giants to try to make some moves, and that watching Kevin Boss and Steve Smith leave was tough to stomach.

By now, of course, most of the big-name free agents are off the market. There still might be some useful players on the market and general manager Jerry Reese said Thursday "we'll continue to try to make our roster stronger."

So, is there anyone currently on the market who can make the Giants stronger? You guys tell me. And no, Randy Moss suggestions are not wanted. He is retired, so let's not go there.

Here's a couple of names. Indianapolis cornerback Kelvin Hayden? Former New England tight end Alge Crumpler?

So, amateur GMs it is your turn. Who would you bring in at this point to bolster the roster.