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New York Giants Notes: Lots of Question Marks Edition

As Osi stews and Ahmad weighs his options, the Giants still have a lot of question marks on their roster a few days into camp. But Jerry Reese knows what he's doing, at least most of the time, and I think we have to let things play out before worrying too much--especially worrying too much about what the Eagles are doing. Here are a few tidbits of Giants news to start off your Monday....

Sans Plaxico Burress, New York Giants have major question marks to address - ESPN New York
The Giants are only two practices into training camp but there are a lot of question marks swirling around Tom Coughlin's team. Start with Umenyiora, who has ended his holdout and has even spoken to Jerry Reese. However, all indications are that the defensive end still wants a new contract or to be traded. He also has yet to practice and his health is in question since Coughlin said Umenyiora was scheduled to meet with team doctor Russell Warren on Sunday afternoon and might not be cleared to practice. Then there's free agents Ahmad Bradshaw, Steve Smith and Kevin Boss -- three starters who remained unsigned as of last night. And their first-round pick, Prince Amukamara, also missed his second straight practice while the Giants try to sign the cornerback.

I'm still not worried, but it seems like many Big Blue fans' fears are in line with this article, and it's okay if you are among them. But remeber, we're only a couple of days into camp.

If dysfunctional Giants get it together, watch out NFC East - NFL - Football
I'm not the only one who believes this. When asking several coaches which NFC team could sneak out of its conference and give Green Bay a run they all said the Giants. There's a feeling among some in football that if New York can overcome this dysfunctional beginning and maybe catch the Eagles a year or so away from its Super Bowl run, the Giants could do something. That's just a feeling, but it's more than an itch.

And this article may paint an overly optimistic picture, but I can't say I disagree. We are surely going to have a solid team when all is said and done. The question is, will it keep beating itself like it did most of last year in big games?

Osi Umenyiora meets with New York Giants GM Jerry Reese after ending one-day training camp holdout
Meanwhile, Umenyiora - who was officially re-added to the active roster - is apparently not healthy enough to practice after offseason hip surgery. Umenyiora had his physical Sunday and was later examined by the team physician, Dr. Russell Warren. But he was only a spectator on the field Sunday night. One source suggested that Umenyiora's contract and his talk with Reese were the real holdups in his return to the field, and that the hip wasn't much of an issue at all. Whatever the issue is, Umenyiora's teammates are hoping it all ends soon.

Plaxico Burress gives the New York Jets a reality show at wideout - ESPN New York
It means Jets owner Woody Johnson can take satisfaction in knowing he stole one from the New York Giants, who also made a play for Burress. The Jets are obsessed with their crosstown rival, and now they have the Giants' former Super Bowl hero in -- brace yourself, Big Blue fans -- kelly green.

This, of course, is way better than smelly green.

Q & A with New York Giants Matt Dodge - July 31, 2011 ::
My coaches said, if you look around the league, even some of the best punters in the league, there (are) two guys in training camp. It would be ignorant for me to think that I would be the only one in here, especially after some of the up and down performances and a lot of the media attention to the punter. To think they weren’t going to bring somebody in would have been foolish. When I saw who it was, I was like, man that’s awesome. He’s a great punter too. It’s going to be fun to compete.

I really don't believe he thinks it'll be "fun" to compete, especially against Steve Weatherford, who did a far better job than he did punting at New Meadowlands Stadium last year.

The craziness of the 2011 pre-season will continue today, so make sure you are buckled in. And hopefully you are not tweeting from 35,000 feet as it appeared David Carr was on Sunday.