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NFC East Dream Team

This is a little exercise I have seen writers from some of the other SB Nation websites undertake. Below is my stab at naming an NFC East Division Dream Team. I tried to do this as objectively as possible and not just pick New York Giants all over the place.

I am sure you will agree with some of my choices and disagree -- vehemently -- with others. Anyway, have at it. And try to have fun with it.


QB: Michael Vick, Eagles -- I am not buying this Vick is better than Steve Young nonsense I have been hearing. And I am not knocking Eli Manning by making this selection. I still believe, in the end, Manning winds up with a career that will be superior to Vick's. I can't deny, however, that Vick was better a season ago ... and that is what I have to base this pick on.

RB: LeSean McCoy, Eagles -- I can't vote for Ahmad Bradshaw here, even though I want to ... mostly because of the fumbling issues.

FB: Michael Sellers, Redskins -- There really isn't anybody else here I can put in the discussion.

TE: Jason Witten, Cowboys -- Nobody else in the division is close, even Giants' fans have to admit that.

WR: DeSean Jackson, Eagles; Hakeem Nicks, Giants -- I don't think anyone who follows the NFC East will have a problem with my calling Jackson the most dangerous receiver in the division. The Giants have seen that all too often. Santana Moss fans won't like these choices, especially since Moss caught almost exactly twice as many balls (93-47) as Jackson last season. Jackson, without even counting returns, did way more damage. Both players scored six receiving touchdowns, Jackson averaged 22.5 yards per catch to Moss's 12.0, and gained six yards more per game receiving -- on half the catches.

As for Nicks, I am being stubborn here. He didn't catch as many balls as Moss, but he averaged 80.9 yards per game on 77 catches. He is a budding superstar, and if people don't already understand that I suspect they will soon.

C: Andre Gurode, Cowboys -- Shaun O'Hara used to be in this discussion. Not now.

RG: Chris Snee, Giants

LG: Leonard Davis, Cowboys

LT: Jason Peters, Eagles

RT: Kareem McKenzie, Giants -- To think a year ago many here at BBV wanted this guy run out of town.


(We will use a 4-3, since that is what the Giants play)

DE: DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys; Trent Cole, Eagles -- Justin Tuck of the Giants would be the third defensive end here.

DT: Jay Ratliff, Cowboys; Barry Cofield, Giants -- Chris Canty of the Giants would be the third defensive tackle here. Did you know that, according to Pro Football Focus, Cofield (+16.3) and Canty (+12.9) had nearly identical seasons in 2010? Except that Cofield was better in pass coverage. Pass coverage? Should that really even be a category defensive tackles are judged in?

MLB: London Fletcher-Baker, Redskins -- A Pro Bowler each of the last two seasons. There really wasn't another choice.

OLB: Anthony Spencer, Cowboys; Brian Orakpo, Redskins -- This is an odd fit, I know, since neither one of these guys is a 4-3 outside linebacker. I know they both play in 3-4 systems. But, can you name an outside linebacker on the Giants or Eagles better than either of these guys? I didn't think so.

CB: Asante Samuel, Eagles; Terrell Thomas, Giants -- Truth be told, there isn't a proven shutdown corner in the division. Samuel is a gambling, playmaking, very dangerous guy. But not a one-on-one put him on an island shutdown guy. I am also not a fan of the vastly overrated DeAngelo Hall. Quarterbacks had a 105.8 rating throwing at Hall in 2010, according to PFF. That's a terrible number for a cornerback. Really, I'm left to choose between the two Giants -- Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster -- and my personal bias plays into this one. In my eyes, Webster had a brilliant 2008 but otherwise has been ordinary throughout his career. Forced to choose I will take Thomas -- I just think he has a better overall skill set and, used properly, can be a tremendous player.

S: Quinten Mikell, Eagles; Gerald Sensabaugh, Cowboys -- MIkell made the Pro Bowl in 2009 and was PFF's highest-ranked safety in 2010. As for the Sensabaugh pick, I would really like to take either Kenny Phillips or Antrel Rolle. I can't, though, after the number of breakdowns each guy contributed to in 2010.

Special Teams

Punter: Mat McBriar, Cowboys

Placekicker: David Akers, Eagles

Punt Returner: DeSean Jackson, Eagles

Kickoff Returner: Brandon Banks, Redskins