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New York Giants Notes: Shawn Andrews, Barry Cofield, Tiki Barber, NFL Lockout Update

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's get your day started with some Giants-related news and notes, including a fun one about Shawn Andrews.

Eating and Tweeting His Way Through the NFL Lockout -

This is a really fun look by the WSJ's Aditi Kinkhabwala at how offensive lineman Shawn Andrews has spent his time during the lockout. When camp finally does start we will have to see if she is right that Andrews, his obsession with tweeting about foot aside, is in great shape.

Chat wrap: Is Cofield a goner? - NFC East Blog - ESPN

Barry Cofield of the New York Giants checked in and asked: "Dan, am I being unreasonable to be asking for the type of contract that Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard are getting? I know we all play the same position, but I think Reese feels that my stats are better because I only have a guard to worry about, whereas Chris or Rocky takes on a guard & center most of the time."

Did Cofield really check in on an ESPN NFC East chat? C'mon Barry, you must have better things to do. As for the contract, Cofield is certainly worth as much or more than Bernard. Question is, what NFL team will end up giving it to him. news: UFL emerges as option for Barber should lockout linger

"Tiki always kept himself in great shape," Fassel says. "There will definitely be an adjustment period for him to get in the flow of things and getting his body used to being hit again.

"If they don't have as much time, starting players are going to get most of the reps. There is not going to be a lot of time for guys who need to prove themselves."

Admit it, gang. If Tiki Barber ends up playing in the UFL for former Giants coach Jim Fassel you would get some satisfaction out of that.

Matt Dodge ready for second season with Giants

"I'm so much a person that just takes each day as it comes," said Dodge, who is preparing for his second season in the NFL and who made an appearance at last week's David Garrard Golf Classic in Greenville. "It's tough because I thought we were positioned really to make some noise."

While players like Garrard (the veteran starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars), All-Pro Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and Green Bay Packers defensive lineman C.J. Wilson are enlarging ECU's footprint in the NFL by starring in more traditional roles, Dodge might have had the most chaotic learning experience of any former Pirate in the league.

"I think I really learned this year it's whichever team stays the healthiest, and the team that gets the least amount of bad breaks," Dodge said. "So many perfect things have to come in line to win in the NFL because there is not much that separates each team. Everyone is paid to play."

Clayton believes his experience will aid return to Giants

"I think that the quick turnaround, it will help me," Clayton told the St. Petersburg Times. "I made a decision to go play in the UFL and I got picked up. I was prepared to go play in New York and I was ready to go. They had young guys on their roster who had been there for two years who they still didn’t trust.

"To be in that predicament in New York, with the short amount of free agency that we’re going to have, I think that’s really going to benefit me when we get back to playing. Everybody’s job is still on the line, but I think after eight years in the league, coaches have a lot of respect for guys, especially when you’ve carried yourself the right way.’’