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New York Giants Notes: Worst Giants Memories Edition

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Good morning, Giants fans. I'm posting a few things today not because I want to, but because other journalists and bloggers have mentioned them and it gives us something to discuss. I'll start with this one, because it's a beauty. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk posted something on the four worst New York Giants moments.

I'm going to let you all debate, but not before I weigh in on this. First of all, I remember right after the (and this is what I'm calling it going forward) Second G*d D*mn Miracle, sitting at this very desk writing a recap and thinking that this could be the worst loss in Giants' history, maybe even more so than Joe Pisarcik. But alas, Florio doesn't even have the 1978 game in the Top Four. He has the 49ers wild card playoff game of 2002 at the top, and in many ways I cannot debate that. But I'm not sure the Pisarcik game deserves to be left off. Then again, it's not like that was a playoff game or even had implications. news: Pressure mounts as legal teams return to labor negotiations
The parties filtered in before 10 a.m. ET and left in the 5 p.m. hour, with league officials staying behind and working into the early evening to prep for Wednesday's meeting, which will take on a similar format to Tuesday's session. The idea is clear away some of the underbrush, taking care of details and language in a potential agreement, so the path to a settlement will be more defined when the principles agree on larger issues. Players, owners, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are scheduled to rejoin talks Thursday and Friday.

Labor update: Negotiations continue in most important week yet - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The "drop-dead" date for a new agreement to facilitate a full preseason seems to be July 15, and if things go too far beyond that, there's simply no way to open the league year, get the CBA in effect, have a preseason and free agency in time, and start operations in a cohesive fashion.

It's all urgent, yes. Which is why I'm about to make light of the situation and give you a video of stick figures set to Foreigner's "Urgent."

Tiki Barber looks to pick up pieces of life and NFL career -
Lepselter's approach to negotiations once they can occur also suggests financial considerations are not foremost. "We're not looking to turn this into an auction," he says. "There are only a handful of coaches he would want to play for."

Ha, or how about he can count on one hand the number of coaches that would even consider a roster spot?

Take your pick: Burress or Barber? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Wide receiver Plaxico Burress could be a fit for the New York Jets or a desperate Miami Dolphins offense. Running back Tiki Barber, despite his age and rustiness, could offer help as a third-down specialist for the Dolphins or New England Patriots. Which player has the better chance of a) making legitimate impact, and b) not embarrassing himself?

That's a fun debate, especially when we're talking about those two guys being in the AFC. However, I have to admit that I really don't give a crap.

Here are a couple of Eagles droppings for you.....

Eagles figure to be busy when lockout ends -
When the NFL lockout is finally ended and a new collective bargaining agreement has been agreed upon, the new league year is likely to start shotgun style. Maybe Plaxico Burress can fire the first shot? The former New York Giants wide receiver and notorious thigh-shooter has filled the NFL news cycle since his release from prison last month, so his kicking off what should be an unprecedented flurry of activity would seem only appropriate.

Really, you had to go there?

Andy Reid's son finds some trouble | National Football Post
Andy Reid’s second son has allegedly run afoul from the law again. Fortunately, this time it’s only a series of traffic offenses. The Delaware County (Pa.) Times reports Britt Reid, 26, was pulled over by state police last week and cited for careless driving, speeding and tire equipment and traction surfaces violations. The traffic stop took place in Lower Merion Township.

And for you guys looking for a fantasy jones, here is a look at the Giants outlook for 2011. Eli Manning always seems to be a fantasy disappointment, and the fact that he's mentioned in the same company as Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford and Joe Flacco isn't exactly glowing--yet probably mirrors the frustration many of us have with Manning's shortcomings.

I'm going back to work. You guys can debate some of this stuff. And hey, it's hump day already--one of the perks of a three-day weekend.