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New York Giants Notes: First Practice In The Books

The first full practice of the 2011 New York Giants training camp is in the books. Unfortunately, with camp being at the Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford rather than at UAlbany I am not currently in attendance to give you first-hand reports. Still, though, plenty of information to be gleaned from a variety of sources. Let's get right to it.

Roster Moves

The Giants Saturday announced the signing of free-agent guard Chris White, a seven-year veteran with the Houston Texans. White, 6-foot-2, 303 pounds, played in 33 games with Houston, starting eight. The Giants also added undrafted free agents Brant Clouser, a guard from Villanova, and Christian Hopkins, a tight end who most recently spent two seasons in the UFL.

Beatty Diehl Settle In

Will Beatty said Saturday he is ready to handle the left tackle job.

"Coming in here knowing that I got that starting left tackle (job) and it's mine, it's a good feeling," Beatty said. "The last two years, they were preparing me for this, but just having that spot is a good feeling.

"Eli trusts me. I've protected for him - it's not like this is my first start and I haven't been here. I've played some games at left tackle, right tackle, so I know what they expect from me."

Diehl has handled his move from tackle to guard graciously, despite the fact that it will cost him money since his contract pays him more if he stays at tackle.

"With Rich gone and Shaun gone they needed to move me to solidify and help with the offensive line in the middle," Diehl said. "I've always been a team guy, I've always been a guy up to the challenge. That's one of the things that I've always done is been able to play all of the positions. For those who were out this offseason (to watch the players workouts) they saw me play a little tight end. I just want to win football games and I want to get back to doing what I love and that's playing football and being a part of it and if this is the best way for us to get back to the Super Bowl and win football games I'll do it and I've always been that way."

Diehl said he will help Beatty as much as he can.

"He's been a guy who has worked extremely hard to get his shot and his opportunity," Diehl said. "Obviously, I believe in our O-line coach Pat Flaherty and they have a plan and this is what they want to do and this is the way that they want to go. I'm sitting next to him as well. I'm going to be talking to him trying to get him on the same page and teaching him. That's the one thing about me playing that position the last four years, I can help him out. I can help him see things. I can help him do things."

Amukamara Still Unsigned

The team's No. 1 pick is the only rookie remaining unsigned.

:He better get in here," coach Tom Coughlin said

Practice Notes

Adam Koets did not practice due to lingering effects from the knee surgery he underwent last season, forcing Chris Snee to take some reps at center. ... The Giants annnounced attendance at the Timex Performance Center as 976.