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Plaxico Burress Rumors Saturday, Part 2: Where The Giants Get Used

Did free-agent wide receiver simply use the New York Giants for negotiating leverage with the Pittsburgh Steelers and other NFL teams. That has been ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano's stance for a while, and if reports coming out of Pittsburgh are right then so is Graziano.

Veteran Pittsburgh Post-Gazette football writer Ed Bouchette, one of the best in the business, tweeted the following this morning:

expected to make big pitch for Plaxico. He's unlikely to re-sign w sources say so iit's Jets vs again.

The Jets? That makes some sense with the Jets looking for veteran receiver help after not bringing back Braylon Edwards and losing Brad Smith to free agency. I'm sure, though, that won't make Giants fans happy if it comes to fruition.

As for the Steelers, there were reports that Burress not only had breakfast with Mike Tomlin, as we mentioned earlier, but hung around the Steelers facility for lunch, as well.