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Plaxico Burress Rumors: Plax Meets With Pittsburgh Steelers

Following Friday night's dinner with New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, free-agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress visited his other former team this morning. Burress reportedly had breakfast with Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Here is Steelers' Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert on the visit:

"It's one of those players that we talked about that available right now. We're always talking about looking to add. There's always a comfort zone when you know the player that you might bring back. … If you've had a guy previously, I think we know what to expect from him and he knows what to expect from the organization.

"We have to decide whether we want to be in it or not. And then we have to decide if we do get in it what's it going to cost us on the other end. Can we handle it?"

Reports have indicated that Burress will meet with several other teams -- including the St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles.