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Seubert Not Done with Playing Career

So far, as word has reached us about which Giants would be released Thursday afternoon, there have been no surprises. But while we already knew Rich Seubert would be let go (along with Rocky Bernard, Shaun O'Hara, Shawn Andrews, and ahem Tiki Barber), it's hard not to read Ralph Vacchiano's account of how Seubert arrived for treatment on Tuesday only to find out Jerry Reese wanted to see him....

Seubert vows 'I'm never going to quit' | New York Daily News
That was the first moment he knew that his Giants career was over. He’s just not ready for his NFL career to be over, too. "I’m never going to quit," Seubert said in an interview with the Daily News this afternoon, two days after the Giants told him he'd be released later today. "It seems like I’ve been trying to prove people wrong the last 10 years of my life here in New York, so I’ll just do it again. I love to play the game."

It's nice to know Seubert isn't done, and perhaps not done with the Giants when all is said and done.

Meanwhile, Patricia Traina is reporting via Twitter that seventh round draft pick Da'Rell Scott has agreed to terms on a four-year deal.