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John Mara: Giants 'Long Way' From Signing Plaxico Burress

Here is the latest on the Plaxico Burress to the New York Giants rumors, courtesy of Giants President John Mara. Mara was on PFT Live today, and had this to say about Burress.

"He is coming tomorrow evening and he and Tom [Coughlin] are going to sit down, and that’s step one of the process. And if we move successfully past step one of the process, then we have to see if he fits in terms of our salary cap situation and everything. ...

"We’re a long way from being there, and we’ll just have to see what happens," Mara said. "But obviously he was a tremendous player for us and one of the big reasons that we won that Super Bowl. I think it would have been foolish for us not to even have the conversation with him.

"So we’ll see what happens when he comes in tomorrow evening and what happens that. But obviously you have to be interested in someone who has that kind of talent."

From everything we have been reading and hearing this week, it sounds like Mara is pushing GM Jerry Reese and Coughlin to at least take a serious look at bring Burress back to New York.