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Getting To Know ... Giants UDFA Signee Spencer Paysinger (LB, Oregon)

All the hoopla surrounding the New York Giants undrafted free-agent signings revolved around the team being able to snag linebacker Mark Herzlich, the Boston College cancer survivor who was generally considered the top available UDFA. At the very least,m undoubtedly the one with the biggest name recognition.

Herzlich, though, was not the only linebacker the Giants collected as an undrafted free agent. Oregon outside linebacker Spencer Paysinger was also among the signees. Let's see what we can learn about him.

Paysinger is a smallish 6-foot-3, 216-pound linebacker. That, really, is strong safety size in the NFL.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post said of Paysinger:

Displays solid range for the position and does have some natural fluidly in coverage. But he isn't physical, lacks ideal instincts and I think there are a lot of better options out there as a potential special teams guys/nickel backer than him.

From Consensus Draft Services:

A former wide receiver, Paysinger is an athletic linebacker who is great on the run.... Below average instincts and play recognition. ... Lacks strength at the POA and in making tackles in the box. ... Paysinger's speed and athleticism will get him to a team's training camp and if he shows enough, he could make a roster by contributing on special teams or get developed on a team's practice squad.

Sounds like, at best, a guy who will be given a chance on special teams. These reports, and his lack of size, don't seem to offer much evidence that Paysinger can play linebacker at the NFL level.

Your thoughts?