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Getting To Know ... Giants UDFA Signee Jarriel King

NFL teams will go to the ends of the earth to find offensive tackles, even when they are developmental type players who they might have to put years of work into before reaping any benefit. Such might be the case with Jarriel King, an offensive tackle from South Carolina who was among the undrafted free agents signed by the New York Giants.

In a pre-draft scouting report, Wes Bunting of the National Football Post had this to say about King:

Is a talented NFL-caliber athlete, but needs to tighten up his footwork and learn to use his hands better in order to anchor with more consistency. Has experience at both tackle and guard and may be best suited to play inside in a zone scheme, but either way, he's more of a developmental/upside guy at this stage.

King was ranked 43rd on Draft Countdown's list of the top 50 undrafted free agents. He is a 6-foot-5, 324-pound player who may have been passed over in the 2011 NFL Draft due to an irregular heartbeat.

King split his time between left guard and left tackle. Thus, it would seem King is an inexperienced player who the Giants are projecting has a chance to be useful one day.

Here is's scouting report on King:

Strengths: King is tall with a thick muscular build. Shows good awareness recognizing stunts and blitzes and has the foot quickness to mirror defenders in pass protection. Strong kid with a good power base that has the agility to make blocks in the second level.

Weaknesses: Slow off the ball and will struggle to block quicker edge rushers. Does not always play with sound leverage which neutralizes his strength. Takes poor angles at times in the running game. Lacks the mean streak to dominate an opponent. Has a serious heart condition.

Here is one more, from

Positives: "Nice-sized pass blocker who's displayed flashes of dominance. Blocks with good lean, gets his hands up, and keeps defenders away. Keeps his feet moving, stays square, and seals opponents from the action. Displays the ability to adjust and can hit a moving target blocking in motion."

"Bends at the waist, which adversely affects his balance. Does not show great footwork at left tackle. Struggles to finish blocks."

Analysis: "After a fast start to his South Carolina career, King watched his game level off the past two years. He possesses the size and fundamentals to play on the left side in the NFL if he gets his game back on track and improves from where he was two years ago."

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Does this guy have a chance to stick?