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Tom Coughlin Extended -- Are You Happy About It?

Here are some quotes from the New York Giants about the contract extension the team just announced for veteran head coach Tom Coughlin.

"We strongly believe in Tom," said President John Mara. "We believe in the job he has done, and we believe in his ability to lead our team in the future. Everybody was on the same page in arriving at the extension."

"Our players respond to and play hard for Tom," said Chairman Steve Tisch. "We look forward to being able to continue to benefit from Tom's energy and drive and work ethic, all of which are second to none."

"Nobody works harder than Tom at trying to make the team as good as it can be," said GM Jerry Reese, "and nobody pushes himself and his staff harder than Tom to try to figure out the best way to win."

Here is Coughlin on the extension, which adds a year to his current deal and makes the contract go through the 2012 season.

"I am grateful for the opportunity," said Coughlin. "To be the head coach of the New York Giants is the fulfillment of a dream for somebody who grew up where I grew up and when I grew up. As I have said roughly a thousand times, we're all on one-year contracts in this business, but the reality is that I am thankful to work for people like the Maras and the Tisches and with people like (General Manager) Jerry Reese and his staff, as well as my coaching staff and our players."

Do you like the move or hate it? I like it because, whether or not he actually coaches for the next two years, it removes any "lame-duck" status for this season.