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New York Giants Notes: Pinch Me Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. I've been in a football haze the last few days, trying to soak in all of the action and moves that constitute months of catching up. And I kind of like the idea of having it all crammed into the next six weeks or so before the season starts. That said, it's hard to keep up with all of the information coming our way, but we (and by we, I mean mostly Ed) will in turn keep you guys informed. So let's get to it.....

First of all, this just in from Inside Football's Patricia Traina--Barry Cofield is moving on--to the Redskins. We all expected this, but did he have to sign in the division? Ugh.

New York Giants' Domenik Hixon on return -- Like 'first day of school' - ESPN New York
Wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham and offensive lineman Chris Snee were among the notable players who showed up to work out on Tuesday afternoon. The Giants will opening training camp on Friday and hold their first practice on Saturday.

Seriously, how awesome is this? However, I can do without the "Are you ready for some football?" clips in the news. Speaking of NFL-related music, will NBC finally get rid of that ridiculous Faith Hill/Joan Jett cover tune?

New York Giants free agent Kevin Boss sits in limbo as lockout ends but hopes for Big Blue return
The doors to the Giants' training facility will open Tuesday morning after an agonizing 4-1/2-month wait. But the lockout isn't over for everyone yet. Kevin Boss is among the 400-plus players who are now unrestricted free agents, and who will remain unemployed for a few more days.

So where do you guys stand on Boss? He's shown flashes of brilliance since he replaced Jeremy Shockey, but he's been inconsistent, had the dropsies and has been injury prone much of the time as well.

New York Giants' Tom Coughlin, Plaxico Burress to meet - ESPN New York
When Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg in November 2008, he shredded Tom Coughlin's chances of repeating as Super Bowl champion, leaving a sour taste that still lingers in the New York Giants organization today. Yet this week, Burress and Coughlin will talk about the wide receiver's potential return to the team. "It's going to be crazy," Burress told the Newark Star-Ledger on Tuesday night about a face-to-face meeting with his old head coach. "I really don't know what I'm going to say. I'm just going to go in there and speak from the heart, be truthful with him and let him know how I feel.

I know Ed reported thisTuesday night, but it's worth bringing it up for what Burress just said. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting between he and TC.

Former Oregon OLB Spencer Paysinger signs with New York Giants - Portland Oregon Ducks Football |
With the NFL lockout over, teams are free to begin signing all the undrafted free agents that normally would have been signed months ago. Former Oregon outside linebacker Spencer Paysinger signed with the New York Giants on Tuesday, making him one of five Oregon graduates to sign in the last 24 hours. Paysinger helped lead the Ducks to the back-to-back Pac-10 titles, along with the team's first-ever 12-0 regular season and BCS National Championship berth.

I like that the Giants are being aggressive at signing linebackers--especially those who are used to winning.

Night owls: Giants will be practicing exclusively in evening - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
It’s going to be nothing but night practices. And the strategy hatched by coach Tom Coughlin and the team’s leadership isn’t designed to beat the heat that’s been gripping much of the country. Judy Battista of the New York Times explained it’s about teaching time. By practicing in the evening the team believes it will maximize the time it has to install systems on both sides of the ball.

I have mixed feelings about this. I realize that much of the catching up involves classrooms and chalkboards. And the lack of actual practice time will limit injuries but also keep the team from having--well, quality practice time.

Dark Blue Forecast: Could the New York Giants be in for a disappointing 2011 season? |
I hate to be the bearer of bad news with the lock out so recently lifted and euphoria spreading all around the world of football. But you've got to face the possibility that the Giants may be in for a less than stellar 2011 season. Sure, I know they almost made the playoffs last year, but that was last year. Within the Giants own division, the Cowboys and Eagles figure to be much better than they were last season.

Boy, this sounds like one of the sad sacks who infiltrates the BBV comments section, and it very well could be since it's a fan blogger who posted it. But seriously.....come on, man!

NFL secondary market ticket prices up, including for New York Giants and Jets, despite lockout
If NFL fans are upset about the recently ended lockout, they aren't showing it. Secondary market ticket prices from websites such as StubHub are up 20% from 2010, according to ticket analyst While not leading the charge, the Giants and Jets have seen increases of 30% and 31%, respectively. Big Blue's average second-market price is just shy of $300, making it the third-most expensive ticket in the nation. The Jets' tickets, roughly $40 cheaper than the Giants, rank eighth.

Ha. Boycott, schmoycott. We are all so relieved that we're willing to shell out more coins to see some football. And honestly, I don't blame us for that. Welcome back, Giants.