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Giants News: Shawn Andrews Going, Could Plaxico Burress Be Coming?

You didn't think we were done with New York Giants news for the day now, did you? Just because I took a little dinner break to visit with my father-in law doesn't mean the Giants news took a break, and there is some big news.

The biggest news? The Giants actually are discussing the possibility of bringing back Plaxico Burress, with coach Tom Coughlin reportedly being willing to talk with the former star wide receiver who is now a free agent after being released from prison.

Personally, I wonder if all of that is just PR by the Giants so that when he ultimately signs elsewhere the Giants can cay they opened the door for him, but he chose to move on. According to Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger, Burress has plenty of suitors. Adam Schefter of ESPN insists, though, that the Burress to the Giants speculation is serious, tweeting "Burress and the Giants have been talking for a good portion of today."

Also, the Giants have tossed another offensive lineman onto the free-agent scrap heap, with Shawn Andrews joining Rich Seubert and Shaun O'Hara.

This one had been speculated on for some time as Andrews was to be paid $7.5 million this season, with the Giants already over the $120 million salary cap. According to Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News, Andrews and the Giants could not reach agreement on a re-structured deal, and Andrews will be set free.