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New York Giants Notes: Mark Herzlich Calls Giants 'Great Opportunity'

So much going on around the New York Giants right now it is virtually impossible to keep up. UDFA signings which we have trying to track, free-agent chatter, players arriving at the Timex Performance Center. Here are some early-afternoon notes for your reading pleasure.

New York Giants sign former Boston College LB Mark Herzlich - ESPN New York

"They are a team that needs linebackers," Herzlich said in an interview on SportsCenter. "It is a great opportunity for me to get in and play and be on a team. And it is a great community feel, it is a family-owned team. I know the Maras and Coughlin from Boston College. It seemed like a great place to be."

Speaking to reporters at the Giants facility, which opened to players for the first time in months, John Mara said he "suggested" that the team sign Herzlich, an inspirational figure to many and a linebacker he described as "a prospect."

"He's a great kid and he's certainly had his share of obstacles to overcome," said the team's CEO and co-owner, who also told reporters that the Giants had yet to lose any of their own free agents as of late morning. "And we're excited to give him the opportunity."

NFL News Updates - RapidReports
The Giants may need to act fast on free agent DE Dave Tollefson as two other teams are interested in his services, according to Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger. Tollefson becomes more important if free agent DE Mathias Kiwanuka and/or disgruntled DE Osi Umenyiora leave New York.

DeAngelo Williams, Ronnie Brown possible Ahmad Bradshaw replacements
They'll have to check out their options at running back in case Bradshaw leaves, too, like perhaps Ronnie Brown or DeAngelo Williams, who has told friends he's interested in the Giants if they don't bring Bradshaw back.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " New York Giants Owner John Mara: "If we had extended it into the season, we certainly would’ve got more things that we wanted."

Here is part of John Mara's interview with Michael Kay Monday on ESPN Radio New York regarding the end of the NFL Lockout.

Do you believe that if the owners decided they wanted to get everything on their agenda and they dragged it into the season, the players would have cracked?:

"I think if we had extended it into the season, we certainly would’ve got more things that we wanted, but I don’t think any of us wanted to do that. You lose so much if you start losing games. You turn the fans off, you take a big hit revenue-wise. It just has such a negative effect on your business that I don’t think any of us wanted to do that."

What was the turning point?:

"I thought that the real turning point in this whole process was when we met with the players. There was a group of four or five of us and the commissioner with just four or five players and DeMaurice Smith, no lawyers, no advisers, no outside people in the room. This happened in Chicago, I think, in mid-June. … I think once we did that, we started to make some progress. We had a couple of dinners with the players and I thought those were very positive. … We just started to one another at that point instead of at one another."