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New York Giants Free Agents -- The Official List

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Here is the official list of New York Giants who will be free agents under the newly-agreed upon Collective Bargaining Agreement.NFL clubs may begin contract negotiations with the players listed in the following categories at 10 a.m., New York time, Tuesday, July 26.

Beginning at 6 p.m., New York time, on Friday, July 29, clubs may extend offer sheets to, or sign, such players, pursuant to the procedures applicable to each category.

Unrestricted Free Agents with four or more accrued seasons:

Blackburn, Chase LB Akron
Boothe, Kevin G Cornell
Boss, Kevin TE Western Oregon
Bradshaw, Ahmad RB Marshall
Bulluck, Keith LB Syracuse
Clayton, Michael WR Louisiana State
Cofield, Barry DT Northwestern
Grant, Deon DB Tennessee
Hagan, Derek WR Arizona State
Johnson, Michael DB Arizona
Kiwanuka, Mathias DE Boston College
Smith, Steve WR Southern California
Sorgi, Jim QB Wisconsin
Tollefson, Dave DE Northwest Missouri State
Wilkinson, Gerris LB Georgia Tech

Players with fewer than four accrued seasons who received no Qualifying Offer or no minimum tender from their Old Club:
(The players in category No. 6 may be signed with no rights of any character held by the Old Club. There is no signing deadline applicable to these players)

Brown, Courtney DB

Cal Poly


For me, the keepers on the list are Bradshaw, Boss, Grant, Kiwanuka and Smith. Cofield is pretty much out the door. Bulluck is gone, as well. Some of the other names on the list you can make an argument one way or the other. I think Blackburn might return, given the short window before games start, and it would be nice to keep Boothe for depth.

Your thoughts?