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New York Giants Notes: Extremely Annoyed Edition

Dear NFL owners and players: If you're gonna keep dangling the carrot, gimme the freaking carrot already. I won't even take sides here--because I'm angry at both sides. Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that the owners voted 31-0 to ratify the new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday evening, but alas, the players pushed back from the table and did not vote as expected. They are playing hardball, because a few details have yet to be agreed upon. But the owners are also playing hardball, announcing that they want to open team facitilies on Saturday. I'm just extremely annoyed that the two sides keep pushing the fans away, because that's exactly what they're doing. news: NFL clubs approve comprehensive agreement
NFL clubs approved Thursday the terms of a comprehensive settlement of litigation and a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association. The vote was taken at a league meeting in Atlanta where the clubs were briefed on the terms of the agreement and the rules for the transition into the new League Year. The agreement must be ratified by the NFL Players Association in order for the league year to begin.

They went as far as to post a calendar that has doors opening on Saturday and the NFL opening for business officially on Wednesday.

NFL Lockout: Just tell us when it’s over - The League - The Washington Post
Just tell us when it’s over. It’s safe to assume every football fan with a beating heart has had this thought at least once during the NFL lockout

Players scoff at trumpeting of labor 'agreement' - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Don’t send those checks for season tickets just yet. The initial euphoria from the 31-0 vote by NFL owners to approve a proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement was met with a thud by many people on the players’ side.

Lockout forces NFL to cancel Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton |
The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton prided itself on playing host to the first NFL exhibition game of the new season. But that distinction proved to be a costly downfall in this season of labor unrest in the league. The nationally televised Aug. 7 game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams was canceled on Thursday because the owners and players could not settle their differences on time.

NFL Lockout damage control: Five ways the NFL can renew the faith of the American fan - The League - The Washington Post
On the other hand, people like myself would say the players and owners need to pay restitution for the roller coaster of emotions they put the fans through. I mean, they did hold America’s favorite pastime (sorry, baseball) in limbo for over four months; the least they could do is apologize to the one collective that truly makes football what it is today: the fans.

EGG-ZACK-LEE. I want restitution. I want them to pay for my Sunday Ticket subscription. And I'll tell you what else--a buddy of mine from New York and I meet every year in a different NFL city and go to a game. This year, we have decided to boycott that tradition. And I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Bradshaw weighs in on Giants and Dolphins again - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Ahmad Bradshaw hit the radio waves in Miami and the running back sounds like a guy who wants to remain a Giant but also is very intrigued by the Miami Dolphins. Appearing on WQAM with Sid Rosenberg, Bradshaw said he gives the Giants the "upper hand" and estimates that it is "75-25" when asked what percentage he would place on the Giants versus the Dolphins for his services although he did make it clear he hasn't spoken to either team.

Are the Giants holding the ball like Bradshaw does with that "upper hand?"

Reggie Bush among potential cap casualties - ESPN
The Giants gambled that Andrews could be a fix for the O-line, but unless he gives back a lot of money, he won't be a Giant. His cap number is $7.5 million and the Giants are more than $11 million over the cap. Releasing him frees up $7.333 million.

I don't think this is a surprise to any of us, but I was really rooting for Andrews last season. He really did help patch our offensive line together.

With NFL future still uncertain, Plaxico Burress talks to kids about pratfalls of guns - The Washington Post
As Plaxico Burress grabbed a microphone and started telling his story Thursday afternoon to about 100 children, some of the kids were murmuring and chattering among themselves. And then he said "gun." The kids got quiet in a hurry.

Ha! They got quiet in a hurry because they thought Plax was pack---. Oh, I can't say it.

We will keep you posted if there are any new developments Friday, but I would not hold your breath.