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New York Giants Notes: Hump Day Hodgepodge Edition

Here we are on July 13, and we still do not have a labor deal for the 2011 season and beyond. It seems like everything keeps getting pushed back, doesn't it? First there were suppose to be meetings on Monday between players and owners, but that turned out to just be legal teams meeting. The same thing happened Tuesday, with meetings between attorneys only. Now, the player representatives and owners are scheduled to meet again beginning Wednesday morning, and there are signs that a deal could be reached very quickly, perhaps one that can be ratified July 21 at the owners' meetings. Here are some nuggets about the current situation, and suffice to say I speak for all of you when I say the natives are getting restless out here.... news: Owners, players set to meet, with July 21 goal to reach deal
Legal teams and staff for NFL owners and players met for a second consecutive day at a Manhattan law firm, setting the stage for the Wednesday arrival of the principals in the league's labor dispute. Sessions the first two days of the week were productive, as the parties worked to close out language for necessary elements of a potential deal to end the lockout, which reached the four-month mark Tuesday.... Sources said the league's objective is to have a completed deal July 21 to present to the larger group at an owners meeting in Atlanta. But the owners and players still have work to do in solving significant issues such as the rookie salary system and funding for retirees' benefits.

Bears-Rams Hall of Fame game highly unlikely - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
With collective bargaining agreement negotiations between NFL owners and players projected to last into next week, the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams are expected to move back the start of their training camps from July 22. As a result, the cancellation of the annual Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, is looking more and more likely.

If you've ever watched the Hall of Fame game, you know that this isn't really a big deal if it happens. I usually watch the first quarter of the game to get excited about the NFL, but it's almost always horrible football being played by teams with an abbreviated training camp. That would be magnifed by the fact that camps would be even more abbreviated the way talks are going.

Unforgettable franchise icons yet to be replaced - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Unforgettable. That's what they are. Yet even the late Nat King Cole would have to admit there is one potential downside for teams that fielded an exceptional player no longer on their roster — finding a comparable replacement who can create a new set of indelible memories.

There are two former Giants on this list--tight end Jeremy Shockey and cornerback Mark Haynes. I had two thoughts when I read this: "Really?" And "really?" I understand where the writer is coming from in both circumstances, but he couldn't find better examples than this? I also found it interesting that the Giants have not had a Pro Bowl corner since Haynes, because I would have thought Mark Collins had that honor at some point. But I guess not. Anyway, it's still an interesting read.

Eli's message for The Captain - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Eli Manning took some time to send a video message congratulating Jeter on his 3,000th hit.

Former Giants WR Plaxico Burress interested the Bears - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
Burress told the show is a big fan of Cutler’s and said many Bears fans showed him love through social media. Still, Burress said he is considering other teams and opportunities around the league.

I know what you're thinking because I had the same reactiont: A big fan of Cutler's? Why?