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Paul Posluszny: Insight From Buffalo Rumblings

In the wake of this morning's note about Buffalo linebacker Paul Posluszny expressing some interest in the New York Giants should he leave the Buffalo Bills as a free agent, I reached out to Buffalo Rumblings editor Brian Galliford for more insight into Posluszny.

Brian graciously, and quickly, responded with some thoughts on the four-year veteran out of Penn State. He bullet points below are quoted from Brian's response.

  • He's good. He's not an impact player, and he can be beaten in coverage, but he's a solid, dependable starter.
  • If he leaves Buffalo, I'd call it 50/50 between the Giants and the Browns. Just as the Giants have a coaching connection (Perry Fewell), so do the Browns (Dick Jauron), and both could use a linebacker. The Giants may get a slight edge there, but it'd be close.
  • From everything I have seen and heard, Posluszny will be Buffalo's top re-signing priority once the lockout is lifted. They want him back.
  • He played outside in college, and I think he could probably do it as a pro, but he's best in the middle. He's best playing inside, flowing to the ball versus the run and playing zone coverage. He'd do very well in a pure Tampa 2 system.

To be honest, I was especially curious to see if Galliford though Posluszny could play outside. Given a choice, I think the Giants would once again leave Jonathan Goff in the middle and replace Clint Sintim on the outside.