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Keith Bulluck Wants What The Giants Are Unlikely To Give

Veteran linebacker Keith Bulluck did not much like his part-time role with the New York Giants last season. After 10 seasons in Tennessee, most of those as the heart and soul of the Titans' defense, Bulluck arrived in New York when Tennessee released him following knee surgery.

He found himself playing somewhat sparingly, getting just 315 snaps in 13 games. At the end of the season Bulluck told reporters he would rather retire and buy a boat than play part time again. He has since expressed a desire to play, and you have to think is not going to be with the Giants. The 34-year-old is leaving no doubt he wants a bigger role wherever he lands -- and it doesn't seem like the Giants will give it to him.

"I feel like last year was like a year off for me because I played a limited role within the Giants defense, and I was still able to be effective," Bulluck said. "So I’ve just been out here in Westlake, California working out, Proactive Sports, just doing my thing. Getting right and getting ready for when this thing is lifted I know I’ll be ready to play."

Bulluck recently told NFL Network he thinks he can be the same player he was in Tennessee.

"From the heart, I would say, if any coach or team was a fan of my style of football before I got hurt in ’09, I’m back to that form and I’m ready to play football. My swagger’s back on 1,000, so, I’m definitely that player. I’ve put a lot of time in this offseason and last offseason rehabbing and training to get back to that player I’ve been over the past 10 years. I’m anxious to get into camp — and I can show you better than I can tell you."

Is he fooling himself? At 34, maybe so. He did rate +8.7 a season ago, according to Pro Football Focus, including +5.6 against the run. Yet, hard to believe he would be the same player he was in Tennessee. I can't remember Bulluck making many impact plays when he was on the field in 2010.

Regardless, I think he will be finding out in a different uniform.