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New York Giants Notes: It's July 1, Do You Know Where Your NFL Is? Edition

I was really hoping to give you good news this morning, fellow Giants fans. The lockout has dragged out for quite a long time, and signs were pointing to a July 4 weekend deal being announced. But the most recent round of talks stalled again Thursday night, and now word has leaked out that if a deal does happen, it won't be before the week of July 10. There are a few takes floating around on how and why talks stalled, and here are a few of them......

New York Giants owner John Mara rejoins NFL at table, but negotiations reportedly regress
There were plenty of mixed messages Thursday after another session of talks in Minneapolis aimed at ending the NFL lockout. With a number of players and owners, including the Giants' John Mara, rejoining the talks, it could be seen a positive sign

N.F.L. Labor Deal Is Likely to Be Weeks Away -
The N.F.L. had hoped to have at least an agreement in principle in place around the Fourth of July, but three people who have been briefed on the negotiations said that although a resolution remained possible within the next 10 days, it was more likely that negotiations would drag on past that time, with a better chance for a settlement coming the week of July 10.

Sources: 'Bizarre' twists stifle NFL labor talks - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Late Thursday afternoon, after another frustrating interchange between the two negotiating teams at a Minneapolis-area law firm that ultimately lasted past midnight, it was clear that labor peace – and an end to the lockout imposed by the owners on March 12 – won’t be achieved anywhere close to as seamlessly as numerous reports in recent weeks have suggested.

So basically, we should not hold our collective breath. I know you're all getting weary as this drags on, as I am, but I also think that until both sides realize that what they are fighting over (um, gobs of money) will shrink on the other side of a deal being struck, then a deal will not be struck. Then again, if you read between the lines in these pieces, there is still an underlying optimism.

Eagles win over Giants gets ESPY nom | Eagletarian | 06/28/2011
The nominations for the ESPY awards came out this morning, with Philadelphia represented in several categories. The Eagles' (annoying) come-from-behind victory over the Giants, capped by DeSean Jackson's punt return, is among the nominees for Best Game.

You know, it just won't go away, will it? You might notice, however, that I took a liberty here, replacing the word "fantastic" with "annoying."

9 of the weirdest things that ever flew on the shuttle - CBS News
A back-up Super Bowl XLII jersey belonging to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning also made the journey aboard Discovery. Manning and the Giants defeated the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII in 2008, and Manning was named the game's Most Valuable Player.

I posted this right after the ESPY nomination story for one reason--to remind Eagles' fans that, despite the fact that they have owned us lately, we have three Super Bowl rings and they have--well, they have....excellent cheesesteaks.

Chargers' A.J. Smith: Philip Rivers is championship quarterback - NFL - Sporting News
Seven years later, San Diego Chargers general manager A.J. Smith does not regret the blockbuster draft deal he orchestrated in 2004 when he traded quarterback Eli Manning for quarterback Philip Rivers, even though Manning and the New York Giants won a Super Bowl after the 2007 season. To the contrary. Smith believes it absolutely was the right move. And he has unwavering faith in Rivers, who he believes can lead the Chargers to a Super Bowl title.

I know this debate has raged on among Giants fans, and while I think Rivers is an outstanding (and at times underrated) quarterback, I'm still pretty happy with our QB. And a brief memo to Smith--you really need to give Rivers a receiver or two before you mention the words "Super Bowl title" in the same sentence as "Rivers."

Giants DT Barry Cofield keeps open mind about 2011 options - NFL - Sporting News
Free agent defensive tackle Barry Cofield would love to re-sign with the New York Giants, but he is also a realist. The Giants drafted defensive tackle Marvin Austin of North Carolina in the second round. Linval Joseph is another young tackle on their roster. That means Cofield may not be in the Giants’ plans. If that is the case, Cofield will not be bitter after five seasons with the Giants.

I had a bad case of football jones after I read this--not because of Cofield, but because I want to see what Joseph and Austin can do together, and how they have the chance to dominate and clog many a gap formed by opposing offensive lines. Hey, a guy can dream, can't he? Meanwhile, as labor talks resume today but likely will not have a happy conclusion before fireworks are ignited, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday weekend.