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New York Giants Notes: Plaxico Burress Speculation Edition

I promised you guys some Plaxico Burress updates before the day was done. Well, here they are. Below is some of the latest chatter about the former (any maybe future?) New York Giants wide receiver. You know I don't want it to happen, and it is unlikely, but it has to be considered possible ... at least until it isn't.

Anyway, here you go.

Plaxico Burress' release leaves the New York Giants pondering their options - ESPN New York

Could the Giants sit back and watch Plaxico fly to the Eagles?


Vick represents one reason why so many Giants want to see Burress remain a Giant. They've witnessed Vick's dramatic comeback from prisoner to Pro Bowler, and how he's turned his life around almost as quickly as he can change directions on the field.

Many Giants who have visited Burress in prison often talk about how the receiver has matured and seems like a new man.

"One of the greatest things for Plaxico was Michael Vick," Strahan said. "[Vick] showed you can make a mistake, spend some time away and come back and make the most of it."

Burress will turn 34 in August and has been away from the game since November 2008. It remains to be seen just how much he has left.

But as they say in the NBA: You can't teach size. He's still 6-5 and as long as the George Washington Bridge.


Much like in a painful breakup, it's easy to remember all the great memories.

But there are some who can't forget that Burress shot the Giants' title hopes away in 2008. They appeared to be on their way to a second straight Super Bowl and then everything fell apart.

Even prior to the incident, Burress gave coach Tom Coughlin a few headaches. The receiver was reportedly fined dozens of times for violating team rules.

Many wonder whether Giants ownership, Coughlin and general manager Jerry Reese would want to produce a Plaxico sequel.

Osi Umenyiora on Plaxico Burress - NFC East Blog - ESPN

"When I saw him, he looked to be in tremendous shape then, so I think he'll be able to make an impact immediately," Umenyiora said. "Obviously, a guy with that kind of physical ability and that kind of talent -- he's tall, he's rangy, he's long -- I think all you have to do is throw up the ball to him and he'll make the same plays that he was able to make before. ...

"Wherever gives him an opportunity to go play football, whether that's with the Giants or with Philly or whoever's going to give him an opportunity to show his remarkable skills," Umenyiora said.

"I don't know anything about him being a distraction," Umenyiora said. "I think what he's been through in his life over these last two years will really negate any distractions that might occur."

Brandon Jacobs now thinks Plaxico could return to the Giants | ProFootballTalk

During a Monday appearance with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jacobs said that Burress could return to the team.

"I mean, I think there’s a chance the Giants, I mean, I know they probably want him back," Jacobs said. "But with him having more options to pick from I don’t know how that’s going to work out."

Jacobs also thinks that coach Tom Coughlin wants Burress back in blue.

"No question about it," Jacobs said. "I do think so. Coach Coughlin wants to win, so he knew what we had was very special before this whole incident happened. The Giants want to win, Coach Coughlin wants to win, we want to win as a team and as an organization so it would be smart to make at least an attempt. But given the fact that he has a lot of other opportunities to play in other cities it may be kind of difficult."

Had to toss this one in there, but we already know what general manager Jerry Reese said about Jacobs. Let him talk -- he is going to, anyway -- but don't put any stock in his speculation.