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Keep Or Cut? D.J. Ware

Let's throw another name into the hopper and see whether you guys think the New York Giants should keep him or cut him. Today, let's discuss running back D.J. Ware, a big, talented back who has been around for a while now but has not yet made the hoped-for impact.

Let's get right to the reasons for -- and against -- keeping Ware for another season.

Why the Giants should keep him

Ware is undoubtedly talented. He has good speed, good hands and good size at 6-foot-1, 225 pounds. He is also still only 26 years old and has not yet taken an NFL beating, having just 68 touches in his career between rushes, receptions and returns.

There is some uncertainty with the Giants top two backs. Ahmad Bradshaw can be a free agent whenever that period is allowed to start, and even Brandon Jacobs is not certain if the Giants still want him around in 2011. So, there might finally be a full-fledged opportunity for Ware to get touches out of the backfield. If the Giants lose one of those two backs Ware's experience and familiarity with the offense could come in handy.

Oh, and he still is not an expensive guy to keep around, either.

Why the Giants should cut him

Because he has been around for four years now, and the Giants are still waiting for him to really grab a role in the offense. They have tried for two years to make him a third-down back, a role his hands and quickness seem suited for. Yet, whether it has been because of injuries or whatever he still has not secured that role and has only 10 catches the past two seasons.

The Giants have used him as a kick returner. He was better than anyone else they tried in 2010, averaging 20.6 yards per return. Truth is, though, that still isn't very good.

The Giants have Charles Scott, a big back they like who was on their practice squad a season ago. They also drafted speedster Da'Rel Scott in the seventh round. Is it time to stop waiting for Ware and give one, or both, of those youngsters a legitimate chance?

Vote in the poll.