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New York Giants Notes: Sleepy Edition

I'm not going to lie, folks. This is my first day back from vacation, and while I feel incredibly well-rested, it was hard to get up this morning after sleeping until 8:30 every morning for nine days. But I'm also not going to lie that I love delivering news and notes to my fellow Giants fans, especially since we are all on pins and needles waiting for the labor dispute to finally end. I thought that upon my return there would be good news followed by a free agent frenzy not seen in some time. That still might happen, but is apparently a week or two away.....

NFL players hold phone updates on lockout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Buffalo safety George Wilson(notes) likes what he sees and hears about the players’ recent discussions with the owners to end the lockout. The Bills’ player representative also cautions against getting swept away by expectations of an imminent settlement.

Of course, Ed posted this on Saturday and it's absolutely the truth--that too much is at stake for a deal not to be done.

I also saw this last week and it's a great piece from a fan's (and business writer's) perspective....

NFL Lockout: Why the NFL Needs Us More Than We Need the NFL - Forbes
Ironic as it may sound, I am only writing this article because I want an NFL season. Like most fans I’m a slave to games between September and February. But I realize that for me to have that enjoyment I have to show the NFL what they really are providing: the game is a luxury, not a necessity. They need us, and we don’t need them. If we as fans can prove this is true and can do it soon, you can bet the NFL season will go on as planned and it will be a win, win, win situation.

A-freaking-men to that.

Steve Weatherford: 'There's a few teams out there looking for a guy like me' | National Football Post
"Looking at my statistics in the new Meadowlands stadium, I had a 42.3 net and 52 percent inside the 20-yard line. Those are stats you can’t argue with. It's not an easy place to play. We always had a decisive edge over teams in New York whether it was earlier in the year or freezing cold with swirling winds. We always had an edge in the head to head punter competition." What do you think about the Giants? Weatherford: "I’ve got a lot of respect for Tom Coughlin. He’s old-school. He runs a great defensive unit. That team would be a blast to play for. I've got a lot of good friends on that team. I think that would be a good fit for me."

I know what you're thinking, fellas. We're going to need a few warm bodies to compete with Matt Dodge and light a fire under the kid's butt. And why not a savvy veteran like Weatherford?

New York Giants' Chad Jones reflects on the year that followed his life-altering car crash - ESPN New York
Though Jones still has a long way to go before playing again, he hopes that by next summer he will at least be training with his Giants teammates, resuming a career that was put on hold when he lost control of his Range Rover and slammed into a light pole.

The fact that there seems to be news about Jones' progress every few months is very encouraging, and I have this funny feeling that a real-life movie script is developing right before our eyes. Of course, we all hope Jones can walk again normally and have a relatively normal life. But I know we all agree that we'd love to see him in a Giants' uniform again next year. Keep up the good work, Chad.

Former NFL players prepare for second career by attending TV boot camp |
Menefee and Baldinger also told the players that they’ll be relied upon to have opinions on every topic, and they need to build sources throughout the league. Any coach, player, executive or trainer they came in contact with during their playing careers can be valuable in their media careers. "How to acquire the contacts and use the contacts that you have around the league and the organization that I played for to help explain what happens on the field and give an inside look on what’s going on," Toomer said when asked one of the big lessons he learned. "Using those, cultivating those things will really help me out."

I posted about Toomer's involvement with this media boot camp recently, and this serves as an update. But I thought it was real interesting to hear about how former players and coaches can be valuable contacts for players graduating to the broadcast booth. It's just not something you think about, but it makes a lot of sense. And of course, Toomer is a good guy and was always a good teammate and player--assets that will benefit him in the next phase of his football career.