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Giants' Perry Fewell Voted Most Likely Assistant To Become A Head Coach

It has been obvious almost since the day he became New York Giants defensive coordinator that Perry Fewell's ultimate goal is to be a head coach in the NFL. Despite his failure to land a head-coaching job for 2011 it is also obvious Fewell will eventually get that opportunity.

The latest indication of that is a poll of eight ESPN NFL writers in which Fewell was voted the most likely NFL assistant to soon become a head coach in the near future. Fewell received 63 total points and was the top choice on six of the eight ballots. Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryanwas second, New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer third and Arizona offensive line coach Russ Grimm fourth.

Fewell, of course, was interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills for seven games in 2009 before coming to the Giants to lead Tom Coughlin's defense. He interviewed for four head-coaching vacancies following the 2010 season, but was passed over by Denver, Carolina, Cleveland and Tennessee.