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Plaxico Burress Rumors ... And There Are Plenty Of Them

There were a flurry of reports Monday of potential Plaxico Burress landing spots. I suppose there will be plenty of days like that between now and whenever Burress actually finds an NFL team to play for, but let's go through them anyway.

Flint's Carl Banks thinks Plaxico Burress could re-sign with the New York Giants |

"I think the Giants will kick the tires and by the way, that may be the best fit for them," said Banks. "I would be shocked if they did not kick the tires," he added.

Lova ya, Carl. I would be absolutely stunned, though, if Burress were to be a Giant -- especially after the Tom Coughlin comments he made shortly after being released from prison.

Don't look at NFC East for Burress' landing spot

Matt Mosley, formerly the NFC East blogger for ESPN, has a new gig. He is at FOX now, and Mosley opines that he does not think Burress winds up in the NFC East.

"You just can’t consider this guy without a physical assessment and a real hard workout to assess what’s lost and what’s reclaimable," the scout said of Burress, who turns 34 in August. "Vick was still a young guy, Plaxico isn’t."

There are Giants players, including Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck, who wouldn’t have a problem with Burress returning to the organization. But I believe he has too much baggage with the team and neither coach Tom Coughlin nor general manager Jerry Reese has any interest in going down this road again. It still pains Coughlin to talk about losing Burress to that incident three years ago because he truly believed his team was set up for another Super Bowl run.

In Philly, Vick has made it clear that he would welcome the opportunity to play with Burress. The only problem is that no one inside the organization with decision-making power has given any indication the Eagles might have an interest.

The Washington Redskins desperately need to find another playmaker on the outside, but it appears coach Mike Shanahan isn’t going to take shortcuts. Burress would have a much better chance to succeed with a veteran quarterback and a strong locker room, so the Redskins also seem like a poor fit.

The Dallas Cowboys have enough headaches with Dez Bryant’s offseason adventures. They don’t need to add another player with serious baggage. And, plus, one Cowboys official told me Friday he believes the post-prison Burress will be "very limited."

Percy Harvin wants Plaxico in purple, too | ProFootballTalk
"I think he’s one of the best receivers to play the game," Harvin said, "so I would love to have him and get the opportunity to learn from him as I did [Randy] Moss and some of the other veterans I’ve played with."

The Colts And Plaxico Burress Might Marry When Lockout Ends - Stampede Blue
All signs point to the Colts signing Plaxico Burress once the lockout ends.