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New York Giants Notes: Offensive Line, Kenny Britt, Tiki Barber

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's see what the Inter-Google has for us today regarding the Giants.

Giants guard Chris Snee surprised, happy offensive lineman was not added early in draft |

... even the team's veteran offensive linemen thought that a new member of the line would be added before the draft's final day. Guard Chris Snee, 29, is the only member of the healthy starting five under 30. Guard Rich Seubert and center Shaun O'Hara are both recovering from major injuries.

"I think everyone, especially in our offensive line room, were expecting an offensive lineman taken in the first or second," guard Chris Snee said on Saturday at an autograph signing at a Clifton Vitamin Shoppe. "Listen, I know obviously Jerry Reese and everyone there is going to do what’s best for the team. But I’m very close with everyone we have and I really dread the day when someone in that room is gone. If we can steal another season or two together, that would be really special and hopefully we can."

The Giants aging offensive line was on borrowed time a season ago. For 2011? I'm not sure what you call that. Limited practice time caused by the NFL Lockout is an argument in favor of keeping as much of the line intact as possible. Let's hope, though, that guys like Will Beatty and maybe Mitch Petrus make that impossible. I think that would be a good thing for the future of the football team.

Kenny Britt causes a social media stir | ProFootballTalk

Just when we thought we might actually go a few days without any Kenny Britt headlines, the volatile Tennessee Titans receiver has caused a stir in the social media world, with a post on Facebook saying he would retire from the NFL over anger at Commissioner Roger Goodell, another post recanting that statement, and then yet another post saying his Facebook page was hacked.

I keep coming back to this every time there is a Kenny Britt disturbance in the NFL universe, something that happens way too often. All I can say is thank goodness the Giants drafted Hakeem Nicks instead of this guy.

Possible destinations for Tiki Barber - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
SI's Peter King Monday listed the Pittsburgh Steelers as Barber's likely destination. ESPN's John Clayton offered five possible landing spots for the 36-year-old former Giant.

Player Only Workouts: What’s Missing | Pro Player Insiders sat down with Dr. John Sullivan, Clinical Sports Psychologist, to talk about the importance of an effective off season training program, and what effect the lockout could have on players’ preparation for this season. Here is some of what Dr. Sullivan said:

The offseason conditioning program is like building the foundation of a house – it determines everything that the athletes can accomplish during the season. From a performance standpoint, a proper foundation enables the athletes to develop the speed, strength and flexibility they need to perform at an elite level.

It’s also important from the overall wellness of the athlete. Off season conditioning helps to prevent injuries during the season. The offseason is a chance to focus training, to ‘prehab’ areas of weakness to help prevent injuries, rather than focusing on rehabilitation after an injury has occurred.

Proper conditioning prepares the body to assimilate the stresses of the NFL season, which are tremendous.

This is kind of an interesting take on the conditioning required to play football at the NFL level. It will be interesting to see if injury rates go up or down in 2011. news: NFL Hall of Famers call for better benefits in next CBA

His body battered and bruised by a Hall of Fame career in the NFL, Joe DeLamielleure limped to the podium to state his case.

"We've earned the right to have a livable pension," the former guard with the Bills and Browns said after detailing his lengthy resume of surgeries. "The NFL is the most lucrative sport on the planet and they can't take care of 2,000 guys? That's wrong."

I am not going to argue. The league needs to continue trying to do better by its former players. Even if DeMaurice Smith doesn't think he needs to deal with NFL Alumni Association Executive Director George Martin.