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Keep Or Cut? Shawn Andrews

It is virtually impossible to try and construct a 53-man roster for the New York Giants right now. With the NFL Lockout we have no idea what the salary cap will look like, or if there will be one. We have no idea who will come -- or go -- via free agency. We don't even know for sure if rosters will have 53 players or some other, higher number.

We pretty much don't know anything. Except that we are bored and we need things to talk about. So, let's do a little 'keep or cut?' series. Regardless of the extenuating circumstances, I think there are certain players about whom it is obvious the Giants have decisions to make. Occasionally, over the next few weeks (meaning when the mood strikes me) I will toss out a player for discussion -- including what I see as the reason both for and against keeping the player as part of the 53-man roster.

First up on the chopping -- or non-chopping -- block, whichever the case may be, is mountainous offensive lineman Shawn Andrews.

Why the Giants should keep him

The 6-foot-4, 325-pound Andrews is just 28. He is a two-time Pro Bowler and remains an incredible talent despite the chronic back injuries that have limited his once-promising career. He played well in limited time last season. Good offensive lineman, especially ones who can play multiple positions well -- as Andrews can -- are not easy to find. You can't let guys like this go lightly.

Why the Giants should cut him

For all that talent, and the fact that he seems like a great guy who has worked hard to get back to the form he showed earlier in his career, he is a player who just can't be heavily relied upon. The chronic back issues he has were part of the reason the Philadelphia Eagles let him go, and caused him to miss most of two NFL seasons. He showed with the Giants last season that his back may never be able to handle regular NFL snaps.

Andrews' contract is a huge part of the reason the Giants should cut him. If they keep him the Giants would owe him a $3.5 million roster bonus on the 30th day of the upcoming league year, on top of a base salary of $3 million. That is $6.5 million for a player whose week-to-week availability is always uncertain.


In my opinion, the Giants have to part ways with Andrews. The depth he theoretically provides is nice, but paying $6.5 million for a backup offensive lineman who might or might not be able to stand up straight and play on Sunday is not a smart investment.

Vote in the poll and let us know how you feel.