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Hey, Anybody Got A Loan For Eli Manning?

Remember back in 2009 when Eli Manning signed a seven-year, $106.7-million contract that made him the NFL's highest-paid quarterback? Remember all the gnashing of teeth? All the cries of 'Eli Manning doesn't deserve to be the highest-paid quarterback?'

Well, a couple of years later, Manning doesn't have to worry about that. According to's list of the Fortunate 50, the highest-earning American athletes, Eli isn't even the highest-earning quarterback in his own city any more.

Manning placed 47th on the list, having earned a cool $16 million between salaries and endorsements during the past year. Eli was 13th on the list a year ago.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez surpassed Manning in earnings over the past year, raking in $17.75 million, to place 38th overall. Sanchez made $15.25 million of that in salary and bonuses.

It doesn't seem right that, to be honest, that a second-year quarterback who has not yet accomplished nearly what Manning has now brings in more cash than Manning does. That, however, is the nature of the business.

Other quarterbacks earning more than Manning: