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Keep Or Cut? Gerris Wilkinson

Let's play another round of 'keep or cut' on this Father's Day weekend Friday. In our last round, 56 percent of you voted that the New York Giants should keep wide receiver Derek Hagan. The subject of today's 'keep or cut' will be a guy who might be the defensive equivalent of D.J. Ware -- a guy the Giants have waited a long time for but who has not been able to step up and grab a real role.

That would be linebacker Gerris Wilkinson. The 28-year-old Wilkinson was a third-round pick by the Giants back in 2006, and 2011 will be his sixth NFL season.

Why the Giants should keep him

Wilkinson, 6-foot-3, 240 pounds is an athletic, experienced player. The Giants drafted Greg Jones and Jacquian Williams this year, and Phillip Dillard and Adrian Tracy a year ago. If Chase Blackburn leaves via free agency, however, the Giants really would be left with no experienced backup linebackers. Plus, Wilkinson is a valued player on kickoff and punt coverage.

Why the Giants should cut him

Because the Giants have now waited five full seasons for the former Georgia Tech linebacker to show them he deserves a full-fledged role in the defense, and Wilkinson has been unable to do so. In those five seasons Wilkinson has started seven games, none since 2008. His best season was his rookie year of 2006, when he made 32 tackles. He has not come close to matching that total since.

It is actually pretty easy to make the argument that Wilkinson has had his chance, and that now it is time for the Giants to give some of the younger linebackers they have brought in an opportunity.

Your thoughts? Vote in the poll and let us know.